Ear acupuncture needles ASP Classic 200 (Code: ASP200)

ASPOriginal "Aiguille Semi-Permanente" is used to perform ear acupuncture. 200 needles package.

Manufacturer: Sedatelec ®
Price: 65.00 EUR
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Operation not subject to VAT made pursuant to art. 1, paragraphs 54 to 89 of Italian Law no. 190/2014 - Flat-rate scheme.
Numero di pezzi nella confezione: 200
Availability: Available

The ASP Original needle is composed of a small stainless steel needle housed in a plastic injector. This injector allows the practitioner to grasp and easily and precisely implant the needle into the patient's ear. The needle inserted into the external ear in this way avoids any risk of contamination when inserted.

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