Lamp TDP for table (Code: LAMPTDP)

Traditional infrared lamp, table, with circular plate diameter of 124 cm, digital timer, 1000 hours in length, 2-25 microns spectrum.

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The TDP Lamp is different from the traditional infrared lamps, because it is composed of a circular plate consisting of 33 mineral elements essential to the human body, which, when activated by a built-in heating source, emit electromagnetic radiation in a frequency band ranging from 2 to 25 microns, compatible with the frequency and the intensity of the electromagnetic waves. Many sorrows have their origin in the so-called "stagnation phenomena" and an imbalance of tissue nutrition. The TDP Lamp promote energy mobilization of blood and its free movement. Dimensions and characteristics: Disco issuer diameter 124 cm length about 1,000 hours digital timer range 2-25 microns.

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